Teddy Brunson


Working in the Chicago media for more than 20 years and immersing himself in the restaurant and bar scene throughout Chicagoland helped forge Teddy’s friendship with entrepreneur, architect and proprietor of Sheffield’s Beer & Wine Garden; Rocky Albazi.  Over many craft brews the two found a common goal and likeminded vision of creating a vehicle for sharing the real stories behind each brew, and so "Sheffield's Beer School” was born!

Brunson hosted and produced "Chicago's Best" on WGN-TV for four years and received two Emmy awards for his efforts. Teddy continues to feature Chicago gems with his Internet series, "Brunson's Best" and contributes as a Host and Producer for various media outlets including network affiliates, national cable networks and various corporations.


Rocky Albazi


executive producer

As proprietor of Sheffield’s Beer and Wine Garden for over 25 years, Rocky Albazi has met a LOT of craft brewers and heard the stories behind their brews.  With the spike in craft beverage popularity, he saw a need to introduce these compelling brewers to their fans.  Then Rocky met Teddy Brunson and “Sheffield’s Beer School” podcast was born.

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