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"La Fin Du Monde", "Blanche de Chambly" and "Maudite" are three of the more popular beers produced in Quebec, Canada by the artists at Unibroue
25 years of Belgian-inspired excellence has garnered over 250 medals in the past 25 years!  

For the past 14 years, Jerry Vietz has been Master Brewer at Unibroue and he continues to not only produce the brewery staples, but push the envelope daily with explosions of flavors.

Jerry is perhaps one of the most interesting and impressive humans to grace the mic of The Beerpod.  He is not just a brewer.  He is essentially the quintessential renaissance man! 
An expert in beer, wine and cider, Jerry's talents are not limited to liquids!  He and his wife have chosen to live a completely self-sufficient lifestyle while raising their three sons.  Sheep, pigs, homemade soap and beer, of course, are part of Teddy's conversation with the French-Canadian genius.  It's a conversation that will have you running to the pub for a Unibroue beer, but may also have you re-evaluate your life!!

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